Frequently Asked Questions in Kerala Lottery History

How was the Lottery Department of Kerala in India raised?

The idea of   a lottery industry first came from the esteemed finance minister of Kerala, Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib. Kerala is India's first state, which established the Indian Lottery department in 1967. By donating to the required Lotala department of the state of Kerala it did not take long to grow as the largest lottery department in India. at the time the Lottery was one of the largest sources of non-taxpayers and gradually became a steady profit for ordinary neighbors.

The Kerala lottery agency issued its first ticket two months after its suspension on All Saints' Day, 1967. Shri. P.K Seydu Mohammed was the chief director of the department. before 1967, Re ticket. 1 held the grand prize of Rs. 50,000. however, the main drawing took place about two and a half months after this on January 26, 1968.

 what percentage of Agents are involved in Kerala Lottery 2021?

Yes, you will see many stores and agents traveling with Lottery State Tickets. However, the state lottery department of Kerala grew to become the most important lottery agency in India. More than 60,000 agents are involved in the whole process and there are 1,00,000 Lottery ticket sellers. The department brings seven.we draws weekly and publishes the Kerala Lottery Result Daily. The department also organizes six lottery bumper annually ( Rs 1 Corore and Per Lottery )